Robotics For Life

Robotic Solutions
Focused on Life Science

Why Focus on
Life Science?

Life sciences are a pillar of modern society. They enrich the world by creating life saving medical and pharmaceutical solutions. Hygeia Robotics can help you concentrate your efforts on creating and inventing by alleviating your staff of the mundane, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks. 

Services Include:

  • Collaborative Robotic Solutions
  • Industrial Robotics Solutions
  • Custom Engineering
  • Consulting

Powered By Metis Cybernetics

Metis Cybernetics has developed  a device-agnostic integration framework and control system that allows us to connect different kinds of cameras, lights, safety scanners, and a collaborative robot to produce the worlds first Roboticaly-Augmented Microbial Testing Unit.

Microbial Testing

Our inaugural product removes variables in the microbial testing process and streamlines the data collection for the process. You know who is tested and when.